• The Rubberwood is strong, flexible, resistant to bacteria and treated with natural bees wax

• Beautiful combination of the natural wood and a soft, safe and non-toxic colour

• It has a couple of natural rubber rings for the child to chew on, which creates a pleasant rattling sound when shaken as the wooden pieces touch making a soft clunking noise

• It’s perfectly sized for babies to grasp and it is ideal for teething babies as the natural rubber is soft yet durable

Why Hevea Rubberwood Rattle?

• The only combination of wood and natural rubber in the teether category 

• It stimulates the continuous development of the sight-, hearing-, and touching senses of the baby

• Waxed with natural bees wax to protect the wood and to prolong its longevity

• Ideal for gifting – pretty and functional product wrapped into a beautiful box and it has a great history about sustainable usage of natural resources – better for baby, better for the planet

HEVEA - Rubberwood Rattle Pink